How Cyber Team U.S. Chose it’s Lineup of Tools

Our Cyber Tools

We’ve been asked by many people how did Cyber Team U.S. choose the cybersecurity products and tools for its lineup. It’s a long story so I’ll see if I can condense it.

Cyber Team U.S. is run by former military and professional cyber security experts. They have taken their skillsets learned in the military, government, private and public sectors and have now applied it for consumer use to your benefit.

Before we started the company, we were working as a consulting firm specializing in business process improvement implementing Lean Six Sigma.

Business process improvement and Lean 6S are focused on solving problems. One issue repeatedly at the top of that list was threats and vulnerabilities concerning cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a big problem and continues to be one of the biggest issues today for many organizations. We continually observed that insufficient cybersecurity protection measures were a fundamental operational risk.

What we also found was that Government and large Public and Private firms all had the capacity to protect themselves with well trained in house professional IT staff.

But what about the little guy? What about a small business owner? What about you?

Cybercrime is the number one crime in the world! And the threat is not going away anytime soon.

Small & medium sized businesses, (SMBs), and the public at large, which make up over 80% of the U.S. economy, remain largely on their own completely unprotected and vulnerable!

In order to accommodate the needs of this market we looked at two main priorities. 1) The products need to be selected from U.S. based companies with no questionable foreign ties and 2) the products had to cover the spectrum of security vulnerabilities such as Antivirus, Antimalware, Password Management, Identity Protection, and Secure Communications.

Antivirus, Antimalware & Anti-Ransomware

For Antivirus and Antimalware we chose PC Matic MSP for two reasons. First they represent a strong U.S. Based company without foreign ties and second, they produce Award-Winning Antivirus/Antimalware/Anti-Ransomware.

PC Matic MSP is a Zero Day, Whitelist Operational Management System that could be tailored for our customers, meaning you get excellent protection.

Password Management

Next up was how to address the problem of Password Vulnerabilities. After careful review of the vast landscape, we decided on another U.S. based entity that fulfilled all the requirements for both Password Security and the Dark Web Monitoring and Account takeover protection as a bonus.

This was the Keeper’s Password Security program.

Over 80% of all data breaches are the result of weak passwords, reused passwords and/or insufficient password security. Cybercriminals target kids, adults, and the elderly, stealing their passwords and their identities, money, and personal information. Cyber Team U.S. Password Protection protects you, your family, and your business from these cybercriminals.

Identity Theft

Now for the next piece, protection from Identity Theft?

Again we looked at all the players in the field and settled on Identity Force as our solution. The reason is that this is the one that a majority of U.S. Government Officials use for their own personal use. Identity Force also offered many other benefits that overlapped with out other products. Identity Force’s features apply a multiple layer and the more eyes the better when it comes to cybersecurity!

This type of practice is also a plus in that it serves as a fail-safe in case one system fails to pick up a threat the other one will. Which has happened, so again, the more eyes the better in this case!

Secure Internet and Communications

After much review we landed on Proton VPN.

Why Proton?

Proton is based out of Switzerland which has the strictest privacy laws in the world. As the 4th Amendment still applies to all U.S. entities, Proton fit the bill perfectly for our use as it offers internet security and email security, with their VPN and Secure Email program that is outside of the Five Eyes‘ purview.

In Closing

Now you understanding how we selected our products. But we are not finished yet.

On the contrary because cybersecurity is such a dynamic field it requires constant analysis and evaluation of our tools to make sure we are meeting our goal of keeping our customers safe.

Since our foundation was built on LEAN 6S and on the premise of process improvement we view our operation as being in constant flux with the goal of striving for improvement in all areas of our operation.

Thank you.