RESTRICT Act Targets Your Secure VPN

RESTRICT Act Targets Your Secure VPN

A castle is a good picture of a cybersecurity strategy.

Layers of barriers were meant to protect the vulnerable.  If an enemy crossed the moat, they’d face towering walls.

Should they breach the walls, they’d encounter another obstacle.  And so on.

Fast forward to modern times.  A recent bill before the U.S. government poses a risk to one of those layers.

Read on for why this matters to you as a freedom-loving individual.

How Does a VPN Work?

A virtual private network (VPN) uses an encrypted connection to the public internet. 

Users outside this system are prevented from pulling data. Whether that’s Big Tech, or other sources seeking to use it for personal gain.

The statistics on usage of a secure VPN by Americans have increased since 2020:

  • 39% use them for work or personal use

Awareness and popularity soared during COVID overreach.  Plus concerns about rising identity theft furthered adoption.  

But now you could face up to 20 years or $1 million in fines for using one.

RESTRICT Act Goes After More Than TikTok

U.S. lawmakers are currently reviewing the Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT) Act.

The main target in the crosshairs is TikTok.  But its fuzzy language opens up others to scrutiny.

That’s a problem.

One article states that downloading an app deemed a “national security risk” using a VPN could place regular users on the federal radar.

People like a solopreneur who loves America.  Or a dad with a family to support.

Basically anyone who wants to maintain digital freedom.  

Next, we’ll look at the benefits of VPN’s.

What Is VPN Protection?

Similar to locking your door at night, cybersecurity protection is a first line of defense.  Allowing you and your loved ones to surf the internet in peace. 

VPN security is one component that factors into this guardianship.  Our team are advocates for its ability to achieve this goal.

Ways it’s beneficial:

  • Grants access to websites blocked in the United States
  • Prevents hackers from tapping into your connection
  • Strong protocols offer more secure browsing
  • Full disk encryption protects core servers

At every point, your personal information is defended.  From the various methods of attack criminals use in searching for weaknesses.

With recent breaches of major password protection apps like LastPass, interest around VPNs has grown.

After all, individual digital freedoms are worth pursuing.

Please understand that the right to use a VPN is protected under the 4th Amendment.  Unless it’s repealed, you have every claim to this personal and professional privacy.

At least, that’s what we believe!

Finally, let’s look at a viable option for guarding your online activity.

Cyber Team U.S. Protecting Families and Individuals

Online safety doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to manage.  And if it comes with industry-leading security, even better.

We proudly serve our customers as a U.S. cyber team. 

Veteran-owned, our services are performed by various vendors.  Add to that multiple suppliers.

And the result you get is a decreased risk of prying eyes on your internet usage! 

We offer a cybersecurity protection plan for freelancers, families, and others seeking a better choice than big-box companies.

  • Antivirus protection
  • Malware protection
  • Ransomware protection

Take the first step and utilize a VPN for year-round protection on your devices!

Stay safe with our cyber team!