Solopreneurs New Business Partner: Antivirus Made in the USA

New Business Partner - Antivirus Made in the the USA

For most solopreneurs, mobile phones are an extension of the business.

A quick way to update projects in your productivity software.  Or follow up on email during a self-imposed break.

But with increased usage comes additional risks from hackers.  And all it takes is one wrong click.

We’ll share some stats on the threats and offer ways to shore up your defenses. 

Keep reading my fellow American.

Why Antivirus Mobile Security is Important

Before we’re through, you’ll know why antivirus made in the USA is the clear choice.  

First, we need to share some statistics from 2020:

  • Malware attacks on mobile increased by nearly 30%
  • Small businesses were the target 50% of the time

Don’t allow your hard work to evaporate overnight at the hands of criminals.  They assume you’re like most solopreneurs.  In that you aren’t guarded against their nefarious methods.

It’s a shame, because small business America is what this great country was built upon.  

We hope our efforts wake you up.  So you can wake up others in your network. 

One popular form of invasion is fake virus scams.

Avoiding Fake Virus Scammers

How they work:

  1. After you visit a website, a popup alert will state that a virus has infected your device
  2. You call who you think is Apple support and grant them remote access
  3. Hackers gain backdoor entry to steal data or install malicious software
  4. Then they charge you for their criminal activity!

Antivirus protection is your silent business partner in protecting you from such an offensive.

Using the example above, whitelist security blocks the popup.  After that, it directs you to a safe webpage with scam information.

Removing the threat before you even knew there was one.

Next, we want to share why America-first is the way to go.

Benefits of Antivirus Made in the USA

Norton LifeLock is a well-known product among entrepreneurs like yourself.  There’s just one major problem.  Okay, two.

  1. They’ve been hacked multiple times
  2. It’s headquartered in the Czech Republic

Because you’re reading this, privacy concerns around your data are very real.  In 2023 America, we totally understand.

Here’s a fact.  Big-box companies like Norton don’t have loyalty to U.S. citizens.

Which is why you should work with someone within our borders.  Plus, it’s nice to reach tech support that isn’t outsourced.

This last point is pretty self-explanatory in the potential event of a cybersecurity incident.

Alongside whitelisting, password protection apps can be another nice part of your arsenal.  But, if you’re already suspicious of a possible hack on your phone, there’s signs to watch out for. 

Red flags:

  • Battery drains quickly
  • Data usage experiences a spike
  • Popups appear on apps regularly
  • Strange phone bill charges

Speaking of keeping your cybersecurity protection close to home.

Cyber Team U.S. and Antivirus Protection

Online safety doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to manage.  And if it comes with industry-leading security, even better.

We proudly serve our customers as a U.S. cyber team. 

Veteran-owned, our services are performed by various vendors.  Add to that multiple suppliers.

And the result you get is a decreased risk of malicious viruses!

We offer a cybersecurity protection plan for solopreneurs, families, and others seeking a better choice than big-box companies.

Weapons in the fight:

  • Whitelisting
  • Application allow
  • Zero day protection

Take the first step and utilize our antivirus shield for year-round protection on your devices!

Stay Safe!