Problems With Free Antivirus Software

Problems With Free Antivirus Software

In college, your business professor likely shared the following statement.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Basically, it’s letting you know that everything has a cost.  Whether in your career or business.

We can also apply this to antivirus products.  Namely the freebie variety.

Read on for risks associated with limited cybersecurity.

Are Free Antivirus Any Good?

Free antivirus software checks off one important box. Core protection.

With the right option, you’ll be protected by the same core engine used in its premium version. 

But you should only expect this from vetted companies.  Look for ones highly ranked by independent testing labs.  Consistently.

All types of poorly coded and low-quality apps can expose you to harm.  And annoying advertising.

So do your homework.

The extra effort will pay off in online safety while you reinvest cash elsewhere.

Free Antivirus vs Paid        

Invasion of privacy is a pitfall of free antivirus providers.  Which leads us to a case study in that department.

Software company Avast.

A joint investigation caught them selling the web browsing data of users’:

  • Shopping habits
  • Google searches
  • And more

Totally unethical.  They covered it up by making users opt-in during installation.

But at a much later date than when they first started collecting it.

After tracking clicks across the internet, they repackaged it for sale to Jumpshot.  A subsidiary that closed after this report surfaced.

Clients of this data included:

  1. Google
  2. Intuit
  3. McDonald’s
  4. Sephora

All the way down to specific web interactions.

Startling unless you’re already aware that corporations aren’t exactly privacy focused.  Despite what their public relations department says.

Next, we’ll address more reasons to upgrade to paid antivirus plans.

Which Free Antivirus is Best?

Free antivirus and malware issues can be related.

A compromised desktop or laptop creates all sorts of frustrations.  Not to mention financial repercussions from hacked banking information.

Missing safeguards:

  • Parental controls
  • Phishing protection
  • Firewalls
  • Ad blocking

Parents must be extra vigilant in terms of their kid’s online activity.  They don’t have this option with free software.

Another problem arises in terms of phishing. 

Premium choices give you web protections that prevent visiting harmful websites in the first place.  Additionally, they defend your email inbox.

As a preventative measure against identity theft, this layer of security is worth paying for.

Firewalls are needed because they guard:

  1. Password managers
  2. VPN
  3. WiFi

In cybersecurity, wisdom necessitates multiple barriers for your web browsing.

To conclude, we’d like to make your search for the right fit uncomplicated.

Cyber Team U.S. and Antivirus Protection

Online safety doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to manage.  And if it comes with industry-leading security, even better.

We proudly serve our customers as a U.S. cyber team.

Veteran-owned, our services are performed by various vendors.  Add multiple suppliers.

And the result you get is a decreased risk of malicious viruses!

We offer a cybersecurity protection plan for solopreneurs, families, and others seeking a better choice than big-box companies.

Weapons in the fight:

  • Whitelisting
  • Application allow
  • Zero-day protection

Take the first step and utilize our antivirus shield for year-round protection on your devices!

Stay Safe!